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What Is Structural Pruning?

When you take a walk in a forest, it is impressive to see the massive size of the trees that are thriving with absolutely no care from humans. It can even make you wonder why you have so many issues with the trees in your yard when they get more care than the ones you see in the forest. You might not realize that the trees in the forest are growing differently than any trees planted in a landscaped yard. The trees in a natural setting must compete with all the other trees for light, water, and other necessities. Therefore, it has a significant impact on their size and shape, making them more durable than the trees you are growing in your yard.

To mimic the growth habit of the trees that are thriving in the forest, arborists use structural pruning to help ensure the longevity and structural stability of trees planted in landscapes across the Columbia area.

What Makes A Tree Strong?

Several essential characteristics ensure a tree is strong and durable. These traits include:

  • A Single Central Trunk- this single truck provides the support for the canopy of the tree and is needed to support future growth. A single trunk should reach about half of the mature height of the tree for ideal support.
  • Appropriate Branch Size – it is important that all branches be less than half the diameter of the single support trunk of the tree at the point of attachment to the trunk/
  • Proper Branch Spacing – Branches should never be clustered together. In addition, they must be spaced around the entire radius of the tree to create balance and equally distribute weight in the future.
  • Good Foliage Distribution – Foliage should cover about two-thirds of the branches for proper balance and weight distribution.

The Cost Of No Structural Pruning

Poor tree structure often results in major damage to the tree and even surrounding structures. A tree that does not have the proper structure will not be strong enough to survive heavy wind and other inclement weather. Large branches tend to break due to poor weight distribution or poor coverage as the wind cannot pass through the dense leaf coverage.

When a large tree sustains significant damage from a storm, the cost for pruning is typically almost the same as the cost to remove the tree. And when the damage removes a large portion of the canopy, the tree will be more likely to sustain future damage due to the increased instability. Unfortunately, many homeowners opt to have the tree removed between the cost of corrective pruning, increased potential for future issues, and the less than pleasing appearance of the damaged tree.

Large trees add value to your property, beauty to the landscape, and provide much-needed shade from the sun’s radiant heat. But to enjoy all of these benefits, it is essential to provide a bit of care and structural pruning, starting early in the tree’s life. Call (803) 877-6133 to schedule an appointment with the experts at Top Gun Tree Service to ensure your trees longevity.

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