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Fallen tree on the roof after big storm

The Importance of Treating Storm Damaged Trees

Trees often get damaged in the strong storms that arrive with every Columbia, SC spring. Damage caused by heavy winds, pummeling rains, and harmful hail can be devastating to the health of the affected tree, causing it to die prematurely or drop heavy limbs that could hurt people and property. Understanding why trees need to be treated for storm damage can help you save damaged trees that would be lost without prompt action.

To Remove Damaged Limbs

Limbs that have been damaged in a storm can die very fast and quickly become a hazard to your family and your home. The tree care professionals at Top Gun Tree Service will come out to inspect any limbs that have been damaged by the storm and let you know whether the limbs can be saved or if their removal would be the best option. Removing damaged limbs from a tree can be very dangerous and is best left to trained professionals that have the proper tools and safety equipment.

To Repair Torn Bark

Cracks and tears in the bark of a tree are common after a storm and can provide a place for bacterial and fungal infections to thrive. When not damaged, the outer bark acts as a protective layer for the tree while the inner bark layer, called the cambium, transports the tree’s food and water between the leaves and the roots. Repairing either type of bark can be a delicate task requiring the use of a chisel or a sharp knife, so if you are inexperienced in this area, you may want to call a professional for assistance.

To Reduce the Chances of Insect Infestation

An open wound in a tree from storm damage can be a perfect place for invasive insects to make their home. These insects can infest a tree swiftly after it has been damaged, and they tend to reproduce fast, putting other trees in the area in jeopardy. Trees that are at risk of being infested with harmful insects are usually pruned and sprayed with preventative insecticides to reduce the chances of them becoming infested.


Storms can cause great damage to trees, but taking some restorative measures after the storm can give your tree a good chance of surviving. The faster you react, the sooner your tree will be able to regain its health. If a tree on your property is storm damaged or needs some professional attention, call the pros at Top Gun Tree Service today, and we will do everything we can to get your trees happy and healthy.

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