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The Importance of Investing in Pre-Storm Preparation

When you live in Columbia, SC, you’re well aware that hurricanes are a constant threat. In fact, just about every year, you’ll be asked by the city to prepare your property for an upcoming hurricane or severe thunderstorm. Hurricanes and thunderstorms can cause a devastating amount of damage. However, there are ways to mitigate that damage. Here’s how.

Inspect All the Trees on Your Property

If a hurricane or thunderstorm is headed your way, it’s important to take swift action. Hire an arborist to inspect all the trees on your property. If you have any that are diseased or dying, tend to them immediately. This may mean simply hiring a tree removal service to haul away trees that are infested or have root rot. Trunks that lean dangerously to one side should be attended to as well. A storm can easily snap the trunk in half. If a dying tree should fall on your car, garage, or house, the damage can be costly. Pre-storm preparation can save you lots of money.

Trim Dead Branches

Another way to invest in pre-storm preparation is to have a tree service company trim the dead branches from all the trees on your property. Dead branches are often the first to fall when a thunderstorm hits, and the wind can carry them quite far. They can smack into cars, hit passersby, and worse. Dead branches are a liability in a storm, and they should be removed as soon as you notice them.

Schedule Tree Maintenance Regularly

The best way to minimize damage to your home and yard during a storm is to keep your trees in tip-top shape throughout the year. This means sticking to a regular schedule of trimming and pruning. Not only can these services help prolong the lives of your trees, but they can also keep them from toppling over when there’s a hurricane or other storm with high winds.

Pruned trees do much better in windy conditions, and by removing weak branches, a tree service company can prevent them from causing any damage. Regular maintenance not only protects your property but also protects your trees. We’ll keep branches from hanging dangerously over your roof and your garage. We’ll also make sure that your mature trees aren’t damaged by winds and any upcoming storms.

Taking care of your trees year-round requires a dedicated tree service company. Need advice from a certified arborist? At Top Gun Tree Service, we can provide professional services to help you prepare for a storm in Columbia. Contact us if you need stump grinding, tree removal, pruning services, or even just tips on caring for your trees. If the trees on your property have been damaged during a storm, we offer storm clean-up services as well. We’re a locally owned company serving the Midland area.

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