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Signs That You Need Professional Tree Trimming Services

If you have trees on your property, it’s likely that you don’t give them much thought until branches start to fall down. The best way to prevent unwanted overgrowth and breakage is to get your trees professionally trimmed on a regular basis. This will enhance their general health and promote more attractive patterns of growth. On the other hand, neglecting your trees often leads to problems. If your property shows any of the signs below, it’s time to think about investing in professional tree trimming services.

A Dangerous Lean

If you notice that a branch or the entire trunk of one of your trees is leaning in an awkward direction, it’s time to consider trimming services. These can help to get rid of those precarious limbs before they end up creating considerable damage when they fall. Even just having annoying tree branches that lean over your walkway is enough of a reason to get them trimmed back. Judicious pruning can also correct the growth of the entire trunk. When a tree is growing correctly, it won’t show many roots above the ground. However, if the tree starts to develop a lean, you may notice that its root system is exposed on one side. It’s best to call in professionals to address this situation.

Partially Dead Trees

If you notice that one or more of the trees on your Columbia, SC property are partially dead, call one of our professional arborists at Top Gun Tree Service for trimming and pruning services. An arborist can assess the condition of the tree and determine if all or just some of it needs to come down. If you call early enough, it’s more likely that your tree can be salvaged, which is usually far preferable to letting it go.

Trees Touching Power Lines

If some of the tree branches on your property are touching the power lines above, you’ll need to invest in some trimming as soon as possible. You don’t want your trees to get hung up in those power lines during a nasty storm. Additionally, just the fact that a branch is touching a power line could sometimes result in a fire.

Splitting Branches

After a large storm has passed through your property, it’s not uncommon to notice some fallen or weak branches. Any branches that are splitting should be addressed by a professional tree trimmer. An expert can assess the damage and safely remove these branches to ensure that they don’t fall down onto your home or surrounding items. Carefully pruning away such damage is also much better for the tree.

If you’re experiencing any of the problems mentioned above, it’s time to get professional assistance with your trees. Give the experts at Top Gun Tree Service a call today to get your trees assessed and handled before they get worse.

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