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Setting New Year’s Resolutions for Your Trees

As the new year approaches, it’s a good time to remember to take care of all the little things you may have forgotten about. Not only should we be taking care of ourselves, but we should also be having tasks performed so that our properties can stay nice and well-maintained. If you’d like your trees to stay in great shape, it can be important to give them a bit of attention during the winter. Here are some resolutions that you can set regarding your trees.

Keep Them Pruned

Pruning trees encourages healthy development. When you get rid of branches that may be dead or are decaying, you’re doing your trees a favor. They’ll no longer have to send their limited resources to these areas, only to have them wasted. Instead, they can focus all of their energy on the areas that will thrive. Additionally, if there’s any type of overcrowding or if certain branches are getting too close to your property, there will be a benefit from pruning. This benefit may be really significant considering that weakened branches are at risk of falling and damaging part of your property or potentially injuring someone. A professional arborist can assess your trees to see which branches should be removed.

Keep Them Protected

When the winter temperatures drop, certain trees may have a hard time dealing with the cold. The parts that may be vulnerable include the roots. If you lay down mulch around a tree, you can help the soil maintain a more constant temperature in the winter. The mulch can act as an insulator, and it can keep soil from drying out in some circumstances. Most trees are pretty hardy, but they can certainly use some assistance during the winter in this regard.

In some areas, deer and other critters may end up chewing on bark when their other food sources have dwindled. If you’ve noticed signs that animals are hanging out on your property, consider putting up some protection. You can wrap tree trunks to keep animals from gnawing at them, or you can put fences around your trees.

Plant New Trees

Sometimes, the colder months can be a good time to plant trees. That’s because certain species, like fruit trees, can use some time to settle in before they really start to grow and thrive again in the spring and summer. If one of your resolutions is to enhance your landscaping, now would be the time to think about which plants you’d like to place in certain locations. Start reaching out to local companies to arrange delivery.

The new year brings with it a lot of hope for the future. Your trees may be resting during the winter, but soon, they’ll be ready to grow again. Be proactive about planting new trees and pruning and protecting your existing trees. This will help your year get off to a good start. For more information, reach out to Top Gun Tree Service in Columbia, SC.

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