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How Professional Tree Trimming Can Prepare Your Trees For Storms

When the storms hit the region around Columbia, SC, hopefully you’re prepared for the aftermath. Wind gusts can reach speeds that are quite high, and as a result, trees and their branches can fall. Even heavy rain can make trees vulnerable. After storms, our team at Top Gun Tree Service is always busy with clean up. Handling the aftermath is a big part of our job, but if you’d like to be proactive about protecting your trees from storm damage, it would certainly be wise to do so. One of the most important things you can do is to have your trees pruned or inspected by trained professionals.

How Pruning Helps Trees

Pruning helps trees grow in a healthy way. Weak branches can be removed, allowing the tree to concentrate its efforts on the branches that are strong. Diseased areas can also be removed, which is very important in maintaining overall tree health. Often, the spread of the disease can be prevented through this process. In addition, trees that have been pruned have better circulation in their centers and lower areas. Air can flow more freely, and sunlight can reach areas that can use it to make food. This all benefits the tree and serves to strengthen it.

Pruning With Storm Season in Mind

When we prune tress for customers in Columbia and the surrounding areas, we have long-term interests in mind. Not only do we want trees to be healthy and to look beautiful, but we also want them to be safe to be around. We all know that in the middle of a hurricane, even the healthiest trees can be toppled over. That’s why we’re often called out to customers’ properties to address trees that are close to structures. A small tree that’s close to a house might look very nice, but as it gets older and taller, its branches may be positioned too close to the home. In this case, we can remove branches that may become a hazard, and, if needed, we can remove trees altogether.

When to Prune

We’re ready to address problematic trees at any point of the year, but in general, we prefer to prune trees during their dormant seasons. For example, the summer is usually not a great year for trimming oak trees because this makes them vulnerable to oak wilt, which has affected many trees in our area. Keep this in mind if you’re thinking ahead and want to be prepared in the future.

Our team is available to come out to your property and check things out. We’ll offer our recommendations and will be happy to answer any of your questions. You can be strategic about pruning in order to be prepared for storm season, and we’re here to assist you if necessary. Call for more information.

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