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How Often Should My Trees Be Trimmed?

Whether your property is peppered with cypresses, hemlocks, any of the beautiful pine species popular in South Carolina, or other trees common in the area that appeal to you, it’s important to be diligent about regular tree care. One of the basic steps you can take to achieve this goal is to have your trees trimmed. So, just how often should your trees actually be trimmed? There’s no one single answer to this question, but we do offer some general recommendations below.

Younger Trees

With younger trees, a thorough trimming is typically recommended every two to three years. The reason is that younger or newly planted trees need to be regularly trimmed to encourage a healthy growth pattern. Proper trimming also helps a younger tree develop into one that’s stronger and sturdier once it matures. Trimming plays a role in this process by providing plenty of room for new growth to develop and spread.

Mature Trees

Mature trees generally develop regular growth patterns over time. Once this happens, trimming can be spaced out over a longer period of time, usually every three to five years. Whether or not trimming is needed more frequently for older trees on your property depends on the type of tree, how rapidly it grows, and your personal preferences with aesthetics. It’s also best to have trimming done if you’ve recently moved into a home with older trees, especially if they clearly haven’t been properly trimmed in several years.

Fruit Trees

Certainly a welcome addition to many properties in South Carolina, fruit trees usually need to be trimmed at least once a year. What this does is stimulate fruit growth by allowing for the steady development of fresh fruit-bearing wood. Annual fruit tree trimming and pruning also controls the direction of new growth. This benefits the tree by improving airflow between the branches and increasing sunlight exposure around the developing fruit.


Evergreens are one of the easiest types of trees to care for in South Carolina and many other parts of the country. This also applies to trimming-related needs. In fact, evergreens that have reached full maturity can often go for several years without needing professional trimming. Now, there are some exceptions. If, for instance, you have unsightly or uneven branches here and there, it’s fine to do spot trimming now and then. Another exception is if you’re planning to change the landscape immediately around evergreens to make room for different trees.

Have Your Trees Professionally Trimmed

Unless your trees are smaller and easy to safely reach, it’s best to have tree trimming done professionally. Top Gun Tree Service is your local source for a wide range of reliable tree service options in Columbia, SC. Working with our local experts also allows any other issues with the trees on your property to be identified and addressed. Contact us today to schedule a professional tree trimming and inspection.

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