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Help Your Trees Survive Storm Season With Professional Tree Trimming

Storm season in Columbia, SC is characterized by strong winds, heavy rain, and tree branches littering the ground everywhere. In some cases, entire trees fall over, posing a danger to anyone and anything nearby. Professional tree trimming can help your trees survive storm season by taking some precautionary actions that make them less susceptible to winds and rain. Here are some of the ways that professional tree trimming from Top Gun Tree Service can prepare your trees for storm season.

Tree Trimming Gets Rid of Dead and Weak Branches

As a tree grows, some of its branches will die or become weak due to disease, infestation, or abnormal growth. When storm season hits, these are the branches most likely to break off and cause damage to people and property. A professional tree trimming service will inspect the trees at regular intervals and remove any branches that are diseased or damaged before they can become a bigger problem.

Tree Trimming Makes Trees Less Top Heavy

Trees fall over during storm season because the rain softens the soil around the roots and the wind provides a forceful thrust. If the top of the tree is heavier than the roots can support, the tree falls and rips the roots out of the ground. Tree trimming helps lessen the weight at the top of the tree by thinning out the branches while still maintaining the appearance of fullness.

Tree Trimming Makes Trees Stronger

Removing weak and damaged branches from a tree lets the tree put its energy into growing branches that are strong and sturdy. Tree trimming also creates openings for more light to penetrate the canopy, subjecting more leaves to full sunlight. Over time, this creates a tree that is healthier and stronger than trees that are not trimmed regularly.

Tree Trimming Reduces Wind Resistance

The strong winds of storm season can be devastating to mature trees with thick, dense canopies. As the wind hits the wall of leaves and limbs, it places a lot of stress on the branches and trunk of the tree, causing breaks that can result in property damage and the death of the tree. Trimming the interior branches creates openings for the wind to blow through and reduces pressure on the tree.


In recent years, storm season in Columbia, SC has had more rain and higher wind speeds than in the past, leading to more trees being damaged or destroyed. Healthy trees are better able to withstand severe weather events and will recover faster from moderate damage. To learn more about how professional tree trimming can help your trees, contact the pros at Top Gun Tree Service today!

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