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Broken tree trunk and branches after a freezing rain.

Get Your Trees Ready Before the First Winter Storm

Trees add a lot to your property. They not only enhance the beauty of your land, but they also add shade in the summer and can act as a wind blocker during cold weather. Trees add a level of privacy to your yard, too. Winter storms can cause damage to your favorite trees, reducing the value of your property and costing you a lot of time and money for cleanup and repairs. By following a few simple tips, you can prepare your trees for the winter and help to protect them from harsh storms.

Young Trees

Young and newly planted trees can use some love and care to help them get through the harsh winter months. For smaller, young trees, it can help to wrap the trunks up to the first branch. This insulates them from the cold and also protects them from wildlife rubbing against the bark, which happens quite frequently in the winter. Fill in any cracks in the soil around newly planted trees. It’s also a good idea to place mulch around the base of young trees to keep the roots warm and protected as well as to nourish the tree.

Mature Trees

Older trees should be inspected thoroughly before the first winter storm hits. Check for broken or weak limbs that may break off when weighed down with ice or snow. These should be trimmed to prevent them from damaging other limbs as well as vehicles, your home, and any other items on your property. Proper pruning and trimming goes a long way toward preventing tree and property damage.

Even for the healthiest of trees, it can be helpful to thin them out before the first winter storm. Trees can actually become too dense, leading to breaks and damage from high winds. By thinning out the canopy, you create more open space for the winds to blow through, leading to less chances of damage. For taller trees, it’s a good idea to get a professional to handle this job.

Let Us Handle Your Storm Prep and Cleanup

Sometimes, the best solution is to get a professional to tackle the tough jobs for you. If you’d like some help preparing your landscaping for the winter, why not let the pros at Top Gun Tree Service do the job for you? We’re conveniently located in Columbia, SC. We can also help with cleanup after a winter storm. Feel free to contact us for all of your storm prep and cleanup needs today.

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