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4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tree Care Service

A tree service should have the experience and certifications to handle the most complex tasks around your home. Professionals undergo extensive training to acquire the expertise needed to perform this work safely. You should ask these four questions before hiring a local arborist in Columbia.

1. Do You Have a License and Insurance?

Before hiring a tree service company, you should ask for a license. Only a trained professional can provide the level of care necessary to improve the health of the plants in your yard.

A licensed professional is conversant with local codes and industry standards. Untrained handymen may overlook some crucial requirements that could incur expenses.

For example, landscaping standards for Richland County require homeowners to submit a landscaping plan. Without the proper training and experience, the company can delay your project due to errors in the application.

Additionally, a tree service company should have worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Insurance will protect you if an accident occurs on your property.

2. Are All Your Staff Certified Arborists?

Another question to ask is whether the company hires certified arborists full-time. Some companies have one arborist on retainer while the rest of the crew are unqualified employees.

It is wise to choose a company with certified arborists who understand all the aspects of tree care. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) has detailed specifications for tree pruning and trimming.

Even though tasks such as trimming and pruning may seem simple, they require extensive knowledge of plants. An arborist will consider the seasonal patterns of different plant species to avoid damaging healthy tree foliage and growth.

3. What Tools Will You Use?

Pruning trees can not only be time-consuming, but it is also a hazardous task. There is the risk of falling from a height or getting electrocuted while working close to a power line.

Without the proper tools, your landscaping project may take longer than expected. Therefore, the tree company should explain the equipment they use to ensure safety. Also, ask what precautions they will take to avoid damaging your yard.

4. Can You Give Me an Estimate in Writing?

When looking for a tree care specialist, make sure you ask the company for an estimate. Many services will provide a comprehensive breakdown of what is in their tree care package.

An estimate ensures there are no misunderstandings before starting the landscaping project. When there is an error, you can refer to the document to settle the disagreements. So, you ought to ask for an estimate in writing to compare with other quotes from local services.

Regular tree care is essential for the health of the trees in your yard. Therefore, you should consider hiring a certified arborist for your landscaping project. For tree pruning and stump grinding, contact Top Gun Tree Service for highly rated results in Columbia.

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