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4 Dead Tree Dangers To Watch Out For

The trees in Columbia, SC, are beautiful year-round, providing natural homes to native wildlife and needed shade for residents. While live trees provide numerous benefits, dead trees in your yard can cause numerous problems that can be hazardous to the health and safety of your household. Here are four dangers of dead trees that every homeowner should be aware of.

1. Falling Limbs

Dead trees have limbs that are brittle and liable to break in the slightest breeze, posing a danger to anyone and anything beneath. Falling limbs have been responsible for power outages, property damage, and even fatalities. Prevent these catastrophes by having brittle limbs and dead trees removed quickly.

2. Uprooted Trees

When trees die, they lose their ability to anchor into the ground with their roots, so they can fall over, exposing their roots. Fallen trees are dangerous and can cause extensive property damage to the home and any nearby structures. Dead trees should be removed before they have a chance to fall over and cause more problems.

3. Pest Infestation

Dead trees in your yard can attract a variety of pests that you do not want around your home. Bagworms, beetles, termites, and other pests love to make their home in dead trees and can quickly spread to other trees and wooden structures in the area. If the dead tree is infested, a professional tree removal service is necessary to remove the tree safely and reduce the risk of further infestations.

4. Spreading Disease

If a tree dies from a disease, there is a good chance that the dying tree is spreading the disease to other trees in the area. The only way to stop this process is to remove the infected trees. Removing these trees must be done cautiously and generally requires the use of professional equipment to be done properly.

How To Tell if a Tree Is Dying or Dead

The death of a tree takes place over time, with the tree becoming weaker and less stable month after month. It typically starts with the death of individual branches and a lack of leaves in certain areas. It then progresses to the trunk of the tree, spreading from the crown to the roots. The wood of a dead tree is dry and brittle, prone to breaking from the slightest touch.


If there are dead trees in your yard, you need to call trained professionals to remove them. The sooner the dead trees are removed, the sooner you can stop worrying about the dangers they pose. The tree removal experts here at Top Gun Tree Service can safely remove any dead tree on your property. Call us today at (803) 877-6133 to learn more about our professional tree removal services.

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