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Forestry worker cutting the stump of a spruce tree with chainsaw

3 Reasons to Schedule Stump Grinding This Spring

Trees are often treasured features in a yard, providing shade, aesthetics, and more for residents to enjoy. However, there are instances when trees must be removed, such as if they are damaged or diseased. When a tree is removed from a Columbia-area yard, it is generally cut down to a stump. Now that spring is near, you may be making plans to clean up your yard in preparation for a wonderful summer season with family and friends. If your yard is littered with one or more stumps, stump removal or grinding should be a part of your plans for several important reasons.

1. Improve Aesthetics

A tree stump generally sticks up out of the ground by a few inches or even by more than a foot in some cases. Whether it is in the middle of your yard or tucked away in a flowerbed, it is undeniably an eyesore that you want to get rid of before summer arrives. The process of removing a stump generally requires the use of a chainsaw as well as a grinder tool. It involves removing the stump several inches or more below ground level. This means that topsoil can be placed over the area. Grass and other vegetation can grow where the stump once stood to dramatically improve the aesthetics in your yard.

2. Optimize the Functionality of Your Yard

Do you have plans to create a new vegetable garden or flowerbed this spring? Perhaps your plans include installing a swimming pool or creating a dedicated play area for the kids. The stump is currently limiting the functionality of your yard. Through the stump grinding process, this obstacle will be permanently removed, and you can use your yard fully for all intended purposes.

3. Eliminate a Safety Hazard

Do your children or grandchildren run and play in your backyard? A tree stump is a large, hard obstacle that can be a major safety hazard. It can contribute to trip-and-fall accidents and other issues. If the stump sits closer to the ground or is decaying, there may also be concerns about personal injuries when mowing the lawn. After all, running over the stump or its debris with a mower can damage the mower and can send projectiles flying through the air. Stump grinding removes this dangerous hazard from your property.

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As spring approaches, it’s important to consider how you plan to use your yard during the warmer months in Columbia this year and beyond. Regardless of whether you have big plans or your only plans are to mow the lawn regularly, removing a tree stump is important. To learn more about stump grinding, contact our team at Top Gun Tree Service today.

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