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Tree Trimming & Pruning

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Heidi Ankeny
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"They had cleaned up all the tree debree, branches etc. that were cut down. They were trimming up limbs on all the trees that border my 1 acre property and trimming back the trees hanging over the roofs on my house and workshop. I would recommend this company if you need this type of work done. Great work and they assure customer satisfaction."
Sherian Wright
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"This team did an awesome job, professional and courteous. Great price and left our property the same way they found it minus that big tree! They were recommended to us and we are glad they were. If you need a tree removed please give them a call!"
Alisha Graven
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"So happy Top Gun Tree Services was recommended to me. Very professional, friendly and top of the line work! From the first quote to the end of the job I couldn’t be happier with their services. I would definitely recommend them and will be using them again for future tree services. Thank you guys so much for all your hard work!!"
Donna Pardee
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"They removed 3 very old giant Pecan trees with haul off and stump grinding. They also trimmed a huge Oak tree back from my home and power lines. He also left my yard looking better than it looked when they arrived. I am having them remove 5 more huge trees in the very near future. I am totally satisfied with this company."
Sheila Caldon
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" The crew opened up the property and helped us reclaim what the woods around us had taken back. When you walk outside now it feels like you can take a deeper breath. There's a small area I'd like cleared out further and I've no idea why I didn't mark a few scrawny Oaks?? They have to go. 😊 I definitely would recommend Top Gun Tree Service. Thanks James, thanks guys!"

Trusted Tree Trimming & Pruning in Columbia, SC

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Homeowners and commercial property owners know that their trees need to receive regular professional trimming and pruning for their landscape and grounds to look attractive. However, beyond the visual appeal, many customers are unaware of the significant value of proper Columbia tree pruning and tree trimming service. But first, it is essential to understand each of these terms.

The Essential Value Of Professional Tree Trimming And Pruning

Shaping trees and maintaining a visually pleasing appearance is essential to all property owners. The goal is always to increase the property value with beautiful, mature trees. However, there are other crucial benefits to regular professional tree care, including:

To ensure the health, safety, beauty, and value of your trees, call 803-877-6133. The experts at Top Gun Tree Service are known throughout the Midlands area as the premier Columbia residential tree service and commercial tree care providers.

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Regular Care Is A Wise Investment

Sadly many homeowners wait until there is a problem to call 803-877-6133 for tree service. Unfortunately, by that time, the pros at Top Gun Tree Service can only deal with correcting the damage caused by a storm, high wind, or neglect and lack of proper trimming and pruning. Regular trimming and pruning is a small investment that will provide many financial benefits, including a significant reduction in emergency tree service calls to remove damaged or broken limbs that could cause other costly damage to your property.

The Top Gun Tree Service Difference

At Top Gun Tree Service, our team brings decades of experience to care for your trees to your property. While you might think that trimming all trees is a simple job, our experts understand the different shapes and growth habits of the various trees in our region. From Live Oaks to Flowering Dogwoods, our experts understand the technique and processes used to enhance the growth and beauty of each tree variety on your property. This added knowledge and years of hands-on experience ensure that your trees will look fantastic after completing our work and trimming them to promote their health and longevity.

Establishing A Healthy Routine

While smaller trees can require annual trimming and pruning to ensure that they are structurally sound and well-shaped, larger mature trees only require complete trimming and pruning every few years. Call 803-877-6133 today to request an evaluation of your trees and a price quote for any necessary work. The experts at Top Gun Tree Service will also answer any questions you might have about the proper care for  your trees.

Our staff is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. And we look forward to helping you protect the value of your trees and increase your property value through regular professional Columbia tree trimming and pruning.