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Why Winter Tree Maintenance Could Be a Good Idea

For the most part, trees can thrive on their own, but they may need a little help to stay strong and healthy. If you have trees on your property and want them to look great and be structurally sound, it can be helpful to have a professional take a look and assess what needs to be done. The winter can actually be a nice time to have your trees pruned and trimmed.

Leaves Won’t Get in the Way

Obviously, a professional knows his or her way around a tree, but the truth is that it can be easier to see what’s going on with a tree when all of its leaves have dropped. Structural issues can become more apparent, as can branch defects or other areas that may have been damaged. Once those weaker areas can be identified, they can be efficiently removed by a tree company.

Insect and Disease Prevention

After a tree has been pruned, its wound is a little vulnerable. Any spots that have been cut and exposed have the potential to develop an infection or be the perfect place for insects to invade. Warm weather has many benefits, but unfortunately, it also encourages the growth of infections and pests. Insects and diseases are significantly less likely to spread when the temperatures are lower. In some regions, many insects are dormant in the winter, so there is very little risk of them infiltrating a tree at this time.

Ready to Heal

After tree maintenance has been performed, a tree will need to use some energy to heal itself. If you have trees pruned in the winter, they won’t be focusing on growing and can really focus on healing.

Spring Growth

Winter tree trimming can be helpful for trees, and the results can be seen in the spring. Without having dead or weak branches that are using up some energy, a tree can really thrive. When the time comes, it can concentrate on spring growth, and that could include strengthening and developing its branches as well as flower and fruit production.

Let’s Get Things Done This Winter

Winter is often seen as a slow season in the tree industry. The customer benefits from this since companies are more likely to have flexible appointment availability when it’s colder. In the summer, wait times for a particular service may be lengthy, depending on other projects that are planned. In the winter, it can be easier to schedule tree maintenance sooner rather than later.

If you’re thinking about having a company help you with your trees, the winter could be the right time to reach out. Call Top Gun Tree Service to schedule tree services today.

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