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Stump grinder eating away at a dead tree as bark chips fly.

Stump Grinding and Fall Cleanup Can Go Well Together

In the autumn, there can be a lot going on in your yard. So many of our trees in South Carolina have their leaves turn and then fall. While this transformation is quite beautiful, it means that there’s a lot of work ahead to keep your yard looking great. If you also have a stump on your property, this would be the right time to have it ground down.

Why Choose Stump Grinding?

When trees are taken down, the stump is sometimes left behind. While it may not seem like a huge deal at first, a stump can pose some problems. When trees are removed because of disease or decay, the same things responsible for the problem can reside in the stump. Then, the infectious organisms can potentially harm other plant life around the stump. Further, a stump can be a tripping hazard when people are walking or running around your yard. It’s hard to mow around stumps, and they simply don’t look very good either.

Even if there was nothing wrong with the tree that was removed, the stump will start to rot and will attract all kinds of organisms. Carpenter ants, other insects, and fungi will find the rotting stump to be quite attractive. Unfortunately, these organisms can spread to other areas of your yard, and sometimes insects can look for shelter or food in your house. It’s best to keep them away as best as you can.

What Stump Grinding Entails

When the team at Top Gun Tree Service comes out to your place in Columbia, we’ll bring with us the equipment necessary to grind down your stump. We’ll adjust our approach if your stump is near your home or by any cars to protect your property. We’ll keep going until we’ve ground the stump down beneath the ground surface. This might involve going about one or one foot down, and then we’ll top it off with soil. Of course, we’ll also remove any shredded wood that this process created.

Fall Is a Great Time for Stump Grinding

We recommend that our customers have their stumps ground down in the fall. That’s because after we’ve completed our work, we can lay grass seeds on top of the area. The cooler temperatures that we experience in Columbia in the autumn months are ideal for the growth of grass. In the summer, it’s just too hot in our area for new grass seeds to thrive.

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