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4 Tips to Promote Tree Growth and Fruit Production During the Summer

gardener pruning trees with pruning shears on nature background.

Summer is a time when many people go outside to enjoy the warm weather. However, it is also a time when the trees are most vulnerable. The warm sun and dry air can cause trees to wither and produce less fruit. With care, many trees can survive the summer and produce fruit again. 1. Plant […]

Springtime Woes: Common Tree Problems During Spring

Pruning shears in the garden in early spring

For homeowners and gardeners, spring can bring some challenges regarding tree care. As trees emerge from their winter dormancy, they may exhibit various problems that require attention. Some of these issues can be easily resolved, while others may require more extensive intervention to prevent serious damage or even tree loss. Several tree problems can appear […]

Why Winter Tree Maintenance Could Be a Good Idea

Trimming tree with electric saw - environmental labor

For the most part, trees can thrive on their own, but they may need a little help to stay strong and healthy. If you have trees on your property and want them to look great and be structurally sound, it can be helpful to have a professional take a look and assess what needs to […]

Caring for Your Trees in Late Fall

Sunny autumn landscape with golden trees and blue sky in countryside

Autumn can be extremely hard on your trees. Wind, rain, and ice all pose a threat to their overall health. With proper care, your Columbia, SC trees will be fully prepared once winter arrives. Water Trees need enough rain in order to thrive. During the late fall, your trees may not get enough moisture from […]

Key Differences Between Stump Removal and Grinding

A stump from a huge tree in the park, cutting down trees in the summer.

Let’s say you’ve got a stump on your property in Columbia, SC. You might have a leftover stump if you removed a tree that was too close to your home or if you’ve just recently moved into a place with a few stumps here and there. Regardless of the specifics of the situation, it’s safe […]

3 Reasons to Schedule Stump Grinding This Spring

Forestry worker cutting the stump of a spruce tree with chainsaw

Trees are often treasured features in a yard, providing shade, aesthetics, and more for residents to enjoy. However, there are instances when trees must be removed, such as if they are damaged or diseased. When a tree is removed from a Columbia-area yard, it is generally cut down to a stump. Now that spring is […]