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Why You Should Consider a Crane for Your Tree Removal Services

gardening machinery for pruning trees

If you’ve ever tried to remove a tree, you know it’s no picnic. Not only is the work dangerous and difficult, but it’s also extremely time-consuming. But just when you think there’s no hope for getting that pesky tree out of your yard, the answer appears as a crane. Below are just a few of […]

4 Tips to Promote Tree Growth and Fruit Production During the Summer

gardener pruning trees with pruning shears on nature background.

Summer is a time when many people go outside to enjoy the warm weather. However, it is also a time when the trees are most vulnerable. The warm sun and dry air can cause trees to wither and produce less fruit. With care, many trees can survive the summer and produce fruit again. 1. Plant […]

Fruitful Harvest: Tips for Healthy Trees

A farmer pruning orange trees with shears after harvest time

Are you looking to keep your fruit trees healthy and thriving? Maintaining healthy fruit trees requires effort, but the rewards are worth it. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, our expert tips will help ensure your fruit trees are healthy, happy, and productive. 1. Pruning Pruning is a crucial aspect of maintaining healthy […]

Springtime Woes: Common Tree Problems During Spring

Pruning shears in the garden in early spring

For homeowners and gardeners, spring can bring some challenges regarding tree care. As trees emerge from their winter dormancy, they may exhibit various problems that require attention. Some of these issues can be easily resolved, while others may require more extensive intervention to prevent serious damage or even tree loss. Several tree problems can appear […]

Four Situations When Tree Removal Is Necessary for Safety

An electric chainsaw is being used to cut down a tree that was killed by a hurricane in Florida.

Trees are highly esteemed for their strength, grandeur, and aesthetic value. Nonetheless, there are instances where removing trees is necessary. 1. Extensive Spreading of Roots Even though a tree seems healthy outside, its roots can spread out of control underground. This spread can lead to depriving other nearby trees and plants of water and nutrients. […]

Advantages of Adding Mulch Beds to Your Garden

Professional gardener watering a tree he just planted.

Healthy plants do not just happen; they need to be cultivated with care. Mulch beds are one of the more popular ways to give plants the nurturance and protection from the elements they need to thrive. Here are some of the advantages of mulch beds: Help Retain Moisture Mulch beds help retain moisture in the […]

How to Deal With Trees That Are Too Close to Your Home

Trimming tree with electric saw - environmental labor

Trees offer shade, help with air quality, and add beauty to your property. A well-maintained yard is the standard for anyone looking to sell their home. One issue, however, is that many homeowners have a tree that is too close to their house. Effects of a Tree Close to a Structure If your trees are […]

4 Signs You Need to Hire a Professional for Tree Removal

Stump on green grass in the garden. Old tree stump in the summer park.

Having trees around your front or back yard is one way to increase your home’s curb appeal. They provide lovely shade when the scorching sun is too hot. They also improve the general health of your landscape. However, when these trees start dying and becoming unstable, you need to hire a professional to remove them. […]

How to Prevent Tree Damage With Storm Prep

Mangled tree after a tornado came through

Storms can potentially pose hazards for all trees, but vulnerable trees are at even greater risk. The type of storm also does not matter. During rainstorms, trees can be struck by lightning or uprooted by the wind. Snowstorms can result in branches breaking off and falling. The high winds from tornados and hurricanes can be […]

Get Your Trees Ready Before the First Winter Storm

Broken tree trunk and branches after a freezing rain.

Trees add a lot to your property. They not only enhance the beauty of your land, but they also add shade in the summer and can act as a wind blocker during cold weather. Trees add a level of privacy to your yard, too. Winter storms can cause damage to your favorite trees, reducing the […]