How to Prevent Tree Damage With Storm Prep

Mangled tree after a tornado came through

Storms can potentially pose hazards for all trees, but vulnerable trees are at even greater risk. The type of storm also does not matter. During rainstorms, trees can be struck by lightning or uprooted by the wind. Snowstorms can result in branches breaking off and falling. The high winds from tornados and hurricanes can be […]

Get Your Trees Ready Before the First Winter Storm

Broken tree trunk and branches after a freezing rain.

Trees add a lot to your property. They not only enhance the beauty of your land, but they also add shade in the summer and can act as a wind blocker during cold weather. Trees add a level of privacy to your yard, too. Winter storms can cause damage to your favorite trees, reducing the […]

Setting New Year’s Resolutions for Your Trees

pruner in action with his chainsaw

As the new year approaches, it’s a good time to remember to take care of all the little things you may have forgotten about. Not only should we be taking care of ourselves, but we should also be having tasks performed so that our properties can stay nice and well-maintained. If you’d like your trees […]

Why Winter Tree Maintenance Could Be a Good Idea

Trimming tree with electric saw - environmental labor

For the most part, trees can thrive on their own, but they may need a little help to stay strong and healthy. If you have trees on your property and want them to look great and be structurally sound, it can be helpful to have a professional take a look and assess what needs to […]

Ignoring Tree Care Could Cost You A Lot

Residential home damage caused by trees falling on roof, a result of the high velocity winds of Hurricane

If you’ve been thinking about getting tree care but have decided to put it off, you might want to think again. Tree care does come at a cost, but it can result in a much safer environment. Plus, if you ignore tree care, you could potentially find yourself dealing with much bigger expenses and unfortunate […]

Caring for Your Trees in Late Fall

Sunny autumn landscape with golden trees and blue sky in countryside

Autumn can be extremely hard on your trees. Wind, rain, and ice all pose a threat to their overall health. With proper care, your Columbia, SC trees will be fully prepared once winter arrives. Water Trees need enough rain in order to thrive. During the late fall, your trees may not get enough moisture from […]

Stump Grinding and Fall Cleanup Can Go Well Together

Stump grinder eating away at a dead tree as bark chips fly.

In the autumn, there can be a lot going on in your yard. So many of our trees in South Carolina have their leaves turn and then fall. While this transformation is quite beautiful, it means that there’s a lot of work ahead to keep your yard looking great. If you also have a stump […]

What Season Is Best for Fruit Tree Planting?

Sweet peach fruits growing on a peach tree branch in orchard

While fruit trees can be planted at nearly any time of year in mild climates, the best time of year to plant fruit trees in Columbia, SC is in the fall. Planting in the fall months has many benefits over planting your fruit trees during other seasons, giving them the best chance to grow strong […]

5 Ways to Prepare Your Trees for Fall

A suburban neighborhood sidewalk and street with colorful trees during autumn

Preparing your trees for fall can be crucial as this step not only keeps them healthy but also prepares them for the upcoming winter season. Here are five things you can do to prepare your trees for fall. 1. Fertilize One of the best ways to protect your trees from winter damage is by fertilizing […]

Facts You Might Not Know About Tree Trimming Services

pruner in action with his chainsaw

Trees are one of the best ways to make your Columbia home look even more attractive. The local Riverbanks Zoo & Garden offer lots of inspiration when it comes to deciding how to design your own grounds. If you want your property to have curb appeal from all angles, now is the time to hire […]