Stump Grinding and Fall Cleanup Can Go Well Together

Stump grinder eating away at a dead tree as bark chips fly.

In the autumn, there can be a lot going on in your yard. So many of our trees in South Carolina have their leaves turn and then fall. While this transformation is quite beautiful, it means that there’s a lot of work ahead to keep your yard looking great. If you also have a stump […]

What Season Is Best for Fruit Tree Planting?

Sweet peach fruits growing on a peach tree branch in orchard

While fruit trees can be planted at nearly any time of year in mild climates, the best time of year to plant fruit trees in Columbia, SC is in the fall. Planting in the fall months has many benefits over planting your fruit trees during other seasons, giving them the best chance to grow strong […]

5 Ways to Prepare Your Trees for Fall

A suburban neighborhood sidewalk and street with colorful trees during autumn

Preparing your trees for fall can be crucial as this step not only keeps them healthy but also prepares them for the upcoming winter season. Here are five things you can do to prepare your trees for fall. 1. Fertilize One of the best ways to protect your trees from winter damage is by fertilizing […]

Facts You Might Not Know About Tree Trimming Services

pruner in action with his chainsaw

Trees are one of the best ways to make your Columbia home look even more attractive. The local Riverbanks Zoo & Garden offer lots of inspiration when it comes to deciding how to design your own grounds. If you want your property to have curb appeal from all angles, now is the time to hire […]

How Professional Tree Trimming Can Prepare Your Trees For Storms

Lumberjack with saw and harness climbing a tree

When the storms hit the region around Columbia, SC, hopefully you’re prepared for the aftermath. Wind gusts can reach speeds that are quite high, and as a result, trees and their branches can fall. Even heavy rain can make trees vulnerable. After storms, our team at Top Gun Tree Service is always busy with clean […]

How Often Should My Trees Be Trimmed?

A worker with a chainsaw prunes the trees from an aerial platform .

Whether your property is peppered with cypresses, hemlocks, any of the beautiful pine species popular in South Carolina, or other trees common in the area that appeal to you, it’s important to be diligent about regular tree care. One of the basic steps you can take to achieve this goal is to have your trees […]

The Importance of Treating Storm Damaged Trees

Fallen tree on the roof after big storm

Trees often get damaged in the strong storms that arrive with every Columbia, SC spring. Damage caused by heavy winds, pummeling rains, and harmful hail can be devastating to the health of the affected tree, causing it to die prematurely or drop heavy limbs that could hurt people and property. Understanding why trees need to […]

Key Differences Between Stump Removal and Grinding

A stump from a huge tree in the park, cutting down trees in the summer.

Let’s say you’ve got a stump on your property in Columbia, SC. You might have a leftover stump if you removed a tree that was too close to your home or if you’ve just recently moved into a place with a few stumps here and there. Regardless of the specifics of the situation, it’s safe […]

Common Problems Caused by Diseased Trees

tree branch with green leaves of affected closeup

The mild climate of Columbia, SC makes it easy for tree diseases to thrive, affecting thousands of trees across the area annually. A diseased tree is weakened and can spread its disease to the surrounding trees, posing a significant danger to you, your family, and your property. Here are some of the hazards commonly seen […]

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tree Care Service

Trimming Works in a Garden. Professional Gardener with His Pro Garden Equipment During His Work.

A tree service should have the experience and certifications to handle the most complex tasks around your home. Professionals undergo extensive training to acquire the expertise needed to perform this work safely. You should ask these four questions before hiring a local arborist in Columbia. 1. Do You Have a License and Insurance? Before hiring […]