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Heidi Ankeny
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"They had cleaned up all the tree debree, branches etc. that were cut down. They were trimming up limbs on all the trees that border my 1 acre property and trimming back the trees hanging over the roofs on my house and workshop. I would recommend this company if you need this type of work done. Great work and they assure customer satisfaction."
Sherian Wright
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"This team did an awesome job, professional and courteous. Great price and left our property the same way they found it minus that big tree! They were recommended to us and we are glad they were. If you need a tree removed please give them a call!"
Alisha Graven
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"So happy Top Gun Tree Services was recommended to me. Very professional, friendly and top of the line work! From the first quote to the end of the job I couldn’t be happier with their services. I would definitely recommend them and will be using them again for future tree services. Thank you guys so much for all your hard work!!"
Donna Pardee
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"They removed 3 very old giant Pecan trees with haul off and stump grinding. They also trimmed a huge Oak tree back from my home and power lines. He also left my yard looking better than it looked when they arrived. I am having them remove 5 more huge trees in the very near future. I am totally satisfied with this company."
Sheila Caldon
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" The crew opened up the property and helped us reclaim what the woods around us had taken back. When you walk outside now it feels like you can take a deeper breath. There's a small area I'd like cleared out further and I've no idea why I didn't mark a few scrawny Oaks?? They have to go. 😊 I definitely would recommend Top Gun Tree Service. Thanks James, thanks guys!"

Top Quality Lexington Tree Service

Highly Rated Tree Care in Lexington, SC!

Many property owners in the community are unsure whom to turn to for their Lexington tree care. Sadly, the issue only comes to their attention when they discover damage after a storm or high wind. Still, they have no idea that Top Gun Tree Service is considered the premier Lexington tree service company serving the entire Midlands area. Fortunately, their friends and neighbors quickly provide a glowing reference and express their satisfaction in the quality of work and professionalism of the entire Top Gun Tree Service team. When you need quality Lexington tree service, call 803-877-6133 to speak to the licensed and insured experts who have been working in the community for over 16 years.

Professional Lexington Tree Removal

There are many reasons to have a tree removed from your property. It could be old, diseased, infested with wood-boring pests, or damaged from high wind or storms. These factors make the tree a potential hazard to your property and anyone who is near it. Once a tree is severely damaged or diseased, its potential to fall or drop large branches significantly increases. Therefore, a proactive call to 803-877-6133 to schedule a visit from the Top Gun Tree Service experts is a wise and cost-effective choice.

Our highly skilled team has years of experience removing trees that are damaged, dead, or leaning precariously over a house or other structure. This added peace of mind is essential when you are already concerned about your home and property safety. Call 803-877-6133 today for a price quote to professionally remove any trees causing you unneeded stress and worry.

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Expert Lexington Tree Trimming And Pruning

Professional Lexington tree care is a small investment that will provide a substantial return on your investment. Thinning, shaping, and trimming helps keep the trees on your property healthy, stable, and visually pleasing. In addition, well-cared-for mature trees add a significant amount of value to your Lexington property. Call 803-877-6133 to schedule an appointment with a tee expert to determine which trees are due for trimming and pruning and to create a tentative trimming schedule for the future. With proper professional care every few years, your trees will thrive and add to the beauty and value of your property.

Affordable Lexington Stump Grinding

You are left with an ugly and hazardous tree stump when a tree is removed unless you call 803-877-6133 for stump grinding service. At Top Gun Tree Service, our experts can have that unattractive and potentially hazardous tree stump ground below the soil’s surface in just a matter of hours. You will love the look of your yard without that glaring stump and have no worries of a tripping hazard or infestation of termites, ants, or other pests.

Lexington Storm Preparation And Fast Emergency Clean-Up Service

Professional tree care is the only way to prepare your trees to endure the force of nature’s wrath during high wind and storm season. The experts at Top Gun Tree Service focus on trimming and pruning to minimize the potential for storm damage and increase the tree’s overall health. In addition, shaping and thinning the canopy, balancing the growth of branches, and removing unwanted low growth are essential in protecting trees’ stability during adverse weather conditions.